Hello there! My name is Kayleigh.

I love the idea of making whatever I can on my own, whether it’s growing fruits and vegetables in my little backyard or knitting a cat bed. These days, so much of what we do takes place behind a screen. Living in the virtual world can start to feel monotonous, so I try to take every chance I get to make things with my own two hands and feel that sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving something tangible.

Each home, diy, gardening or cooking project I dream up is a chance to flex the creative part of my brain, make something unique/cozy/tasty, and hang out with Bisou, my constant companion and helper. As it happens, a good number of these projects are inspired by Bisou. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, as a cat owner, that my #1 priority in life if keeping Bisou happy, healthy and entertained. Right?

I live in a little apartment in Portland, Oregon with my husband, P. My great grandma lived in this same apartment years ago (I even have one of her houseplants which, in my opinion, was very happy to return to its former home), and my mom grew up a few blocks away in a house my grandparents built. I love living in a neighborhood steeped in four generations of my family’s history; it makes me feel connected to my community and my roots.

The original inspiration behind all my crafting, gardening and cooking? Turns out it’s all in the family:

Across town where my dad grew up keeping bees, he now has ten hives that we help him care for. In return, we have a steady supply of raw beeswax and delicious honey that I use in both food and apothecary goods I’ll share with you here. A couple miles north of us, P’s parents ran a Greek deli for many years, and growing up behind the counter gave him a love of cooking that we both share.

All four of our parents can be blamed for our obsession with gardening and growing our own produce, which takes up a good amount of our free time. 2016 is the first year we’ve had an actual yard(!) and our tomato plants are nearing ten feet tall; I have a feeling they’ll be making their way into some recipes here, too.

This blog is a place to talk about all my homegrown and handmade projects, share stories from our life here in Portland and, of course, trade ideas with you! Feel free to say hello via our contact page, or by emailing us at craftsandacat[at]gmail[dot]com.

You can view my photography portfolio here.

Thanks for visiting!